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We help making encounters
with people matter.



Emotions + Intelligence = Wisdom

Sales and leadership are both interpersonal sports. In order to succeed, you not only need the 'know-how', but also Emotional Intelligence. Countless studies have shown that the right kind of mindset has helped salespeople and managers to become the top producers in their organization.

This is why we want to provide science-based solutions that not only make sense, but feel right.



About The Company

Adeptus Partners is a Finnish, privately held consulting company that has founded in 2001.
We provide different kind of training programs and psychometric assessments to hire and develop both sales professionals and sales managers.

Our subsidiary Adeptus Salesforce (2014) was established to help our customers
grow through sales outsourcing.



Our Values

Courage To Be Genuine

We are not afraid to go all in. We value all strengths brought by different personalities.

Desire To Be Positive

We build a culture of praising around us and see challenges as an opportunities to be renewed.

Results Through Mindset

We are sales-minded successors and value the meaning of a mindset in everything we do.

Caring For Another

We want to support the success of others in their work and personal lives.

Our Partners

Behavioral Sciences Research Press, Inc. (BSRP) has developed a variety of behaviorally anchored assessments and training interventions to help today’s sales professionals “Earn What They’re Worth.”

Gazing Performance Systems Ltd. helps salespeople to understand the psychology of decision making in buying process and the managers to work better under a pressure.

Our Services



We are here to help! Don't hesitate to contact us regarding sales development, recruiting or other business matters.